Tips: Improving Air Quality for Multi Pet Households

Are you one of those kind souls, too? One who has an undisclosed number of dogs or cats as co-residents of your home? If so then, like me, you probably catch yourself saying, “How can all that hair be on the floor? I just swept yesterday!”

While the floor may be the thing that catches your attention, your air quality is what you will want to remember. Why? Well, pet hair deposits are a great place for dust to accumulate and dust accumulation = dust mites. Dust mites are responsible for many people’s allergies indoors.

If you want to keep this under control, here’s a few tips:

  1. If you have forced air heating or cooling, make sure to change your air filter once a month. Use one of the HEPA filters. The ones that are reusable are NOT going to catch the bad stuff, so you’ll end up breathing it in. Remind yourself when you need to change the filter next by marking it on the calendar. If you don’t think your air filter looks like it needs to be changed after a month, make sure it doesn’t have gaps around it. If there are no gaps and it doesn’t look dirty after a month, adjust to the time frame that works for you. Added bonus for changing your air filter – it will make your heat pump or furnace work more efficiently.
  2. Sweep every single day. Whenever you have a spare few minutes, grab the broom and go on a search for those piles of dusty pet hair. This process will be far more enjoyable if you invest in a beautiful handmade broom. We got ours from an artisan at a Renaissance Fair, but you can make your own if you’re feeling particularly crafty.
  3. Vacuum once a week but sweep before you vacuum. This will help you save on vacuum bags. Ok, full disclosure, I am terrible at remembering to vacuum. Actually, I just hate vacuuming. But I’m fine sweeping, so at least I get half points for this one.
  4. Wash pet bedding regularly. What “regularly” means depends on how many pets you have and what kind of issues they may have. Once a month would be a good place to start. Again, this will help reduce dust mites. Use warm water in your wash cycle to kill the dust mites.

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  1. ann caudle says:

    What a beautiful and relaxing blog…..lotof helpful hints and ways to unwind. Will be reading more tomorrow!


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