Tips: How to Keep Track of Your Plantings in a Permaculture Garden

Keeping Track Of What You Plant In Your Garden A few years ago I excitedly planted several varieties of snap beans and dry beans in the same section of the garden. At the time of planting, I marked the different varieties with wooden markers, so I didn’t think I’d have any problem knowing which was…

Quotes: Allowing Nature to Return

“Although it would be highly arrogant of us to think we could actually design ecosystems, we believe that we can create a balanced ecological agricultural landscape by allowing nature to return to the land.” – Darrel Frey in Bioshelter Market Garden

Cultivate Patience

One of the lessons of Permaculture is to first of all, observe. In other words, be patient and survey the scene before you take action. This is something I personally struggle with since I get very excited and enthusiastic about new ideas. While I do like observing, sometimes the patience part just gets away from me….

Desert Garden Design

Over the past ten years or so my husband has been planting a fairly traditional garden. Each year he tills the ground with a tractor then digs out rows to plant his seeds and transplants. With my visions of permaculture I of course wasn’t satisfied with this approach. Tilling with a tractor compresses the soil and also…